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Below is a listing of upcoming gigs, as well as an announcement requesting donated handmade jewelry to provide free therapy for sexually abused kids. The jewelry will be sold at the Monarch benefit concert the Righteous Mothers are doing with Lisa Koch (see more info below) on March 19.



Make Jewelry

AND help fight


for Monarch Children's Justice & Advocacy Center's

Benefit Concert and Jewelry Show

March 19 at the WA Center in Olympia

With the hysterical LISA KOCH & the RIGHTEOUS MOTHERS

(See below for more info on Lisa Koch)

Pls. make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, barrettes, rings, cuff links, pins, and more.


Drop them off between now and the date of the concert at:

Traditions Fair Trade  (Downtown Olympia,Fifthand Water St.)

Monarch 420 Golf Club Rd. Suite 203 also known as the Family Resource Center Bldg. in Lacey.(Behind Paulson’s off 6thAve.

or at the concert itself by 4 pm, March 19

Include your name, address and a suggested selling price w/ your item

All jewelry will be for sale at the concert & the proceeds will help provide free therapy for sexually abused children & their families

Further Questions? Call Lynn Grotsky at (360) 412-1319

or email



Upcoming Gigs

The Righteous Mothers are doing two house concerts. They will be more relaxed and interactive than their usual concerts in larger venues.

Seattle, Saturday, January 29

House concert in Ballard 8 pm (doors open at 7:15)

Seating is very limited so reserve your spot.

Contact Craig at or call him at 206 854-6569. Hewill then get back to you and give you the directions.

Tickets are $15 and include the music,drinks, chocolate cake, and snacks.

Olympia, Saturday, February 5

House concert in Olympia at 2 pm.

Again, seating is very limited so reserve your spot by calling Lynn at 360 456-0473. Suggested donation for

this show is $12. (Pay at the door) The concert is 31/2 blocks from SF Bakery at 2013 Bethel Street.

Seattle, Wednesday, February 9

7:30 PM at Horizon House (Retirement Community 900 University St.). For Horizon House Residents and their family members. The public is welcome also. (It's a one hour show.)

Olympia, Saturday, March 19

The Righteous Mothers & the hysterical Lisa Koch 8 pm, WA Center for the Performing Arts

Tickets: $25 general, $20 low income & groups of 8+

Buy tickets online at or call the box office at 360753-8586.

This benefit concert forMonarch Children's Justice and AdvocacyCenteris always one of our favorite

concerts of the year. So joyous and wild. This year we share the stage with Lisa Koch.

LISA KOCH ( -Picture a fusion of Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, and Joan Jett... and you’ve got

Lisa Koch.An irreverent Seattle singer/comedian, Koch (“Coke”) is a deliciously twisted mix of comedy, theater,

and demented songs.She has 4 solo recordings, is one-half of hilarious sketch-comedy duo, Dos Fallopia

("My Breasts Are Out of Control"), and is an alumnus of cult quartet Venus Envy ("I'll Be A Homo for Xmas").

She has shared the stage with a diverse group of artists, including Steve Martin, Dave Brubeck, Janis Ian,

Laura Love, Kate Clinton, and Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Lisa Koch's video on her song about menopause:


Olympia, Saturday, April 30, 8:00 pm

The Righteous Mothers' alter ego band FUNC PRO TUNC in a benefit concert for Pizza Klatch. Pizza Klatch provides free weekly support groups in high schools for GLBTQQ Youth and their straight allies.


FPT is a fabulous dance band with the Righteous Mothers' amazing Marla Beth Elliott as the lead singer/DIVA. The other Mothers, and some other amazing artists, are the back up singers (The Funkettes). The instrumentalists are some of the finest around in WA state.

Get down, get funky and dance the night away at the Fourth Avenue Tavern in downtown Olympia. We expect another sell out crowd. Forget the gym, this is the best and most fun exercise around.

Show starts at 8 pm and the suggested donation is $20. This is a benefit dance for Pizza Klatch which provides free support groups in local high schools for GLBTQQ youth and their straight allies. These groups save lives.


VIDEOS: For your enjoyment: The Righteous Mothers YouTube video,

Old Fat Naked Women for Peace

andLesbian Honeymoon Holiday


Older entires:

The Righteous Mothers had a fabulous time at the Sister Singer's Network Festival in Chicago this summer. They heard fabulous women's choirs from around the country and hope to be joining many of them in their hometowns for joint concerts in in the years to come.

The band's next public concert is at Traditions in Olympia on Saturday, Nov. 13 at 8 pm and Sunday, Nov. 14 at 7 pm. We love this intimate and joyful setting. You can reserve tickets by calling Traditions at 360 705-2819.

We hope to be doing some house concerts in the NW in the winter (anyone have connections?) and we are thrilled to be sharing the stage with the hysterical Lisa Koch for Monarch's benefit concert March 19 at the WA Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia. Tickets for that will go on sale probably January 1.

Once again, there will be a handmade jewelry show at the Monarch Benefit Concert. All profits for the concert and the sale of the jewelry goes to provide free therapy for sexually abused children and their families. So, start making that jewelry now!

The Righteous Mothers' alter ego band, Func Pro Tunc which is also a band of a dozen amazing musicians who love funk. They perform do R and B and Soul Cover songs from James Brown's to Sly in the Family Stone's to Aretha Franklin's and more. They are truly one of the best dance bands around. Marla is the band's diva (main lead singer) and Clare, Lisa and sometimes Wendy are all part of the back up singers. They are performing Saturday, Dec. 4 at the Fourth Avenue Tavern in Olympia. They performed there at the end of July to a completely packed house. They were such a hit that they were immediately invited back.






Our older news:


The Righteous Mothers just released their 5th CD: DREAM ON. Our next CD release concert is SATURDAY, MAY 15 at the Triple Door in Seattle. Tickets available at 206 838-4333

We are also honored and thrilled to be going to Chicago for the Sister Singer's Network Festival. The festival consists of Women's choirs from all over the country. Many of the choirs sing some of the Righteous Mothers' songs and we are excited to meet and hear them. We will be featured Thursday night for a 30 minute performance during the Ensemble Night and we will also join Womansong from North Carolina on Saturday to sing Pesky Angels and Big Legged Woman. On Sunday, Marla will lead a mass chorus as they sing Arise along with other great songs. The Righteous Mothers are also presenting two workshops there. One on vocal warm ups and the other on group song arrangement. If you are in Chicago check it out. It is being held July 1-4 at Loyola University and should be incredibly fun. For more information go to

Congratulations to our Lisa who just was just tenured at Seattle University Law School and was then promoted to Director of Seattle Universtiy's Law Clinic.

We've gotten great feedback on our Lesbian Honeymoon Holiday Video. THANK YOU!




And we are so excited for our Marla who has been spending the last few weeks in Georgia (no, not the United States but the Georgia that broke from the USSR). She is singing there and studying their music. We can't wait to hear about it and to see what new ideas she brings back for the group.


And lastly, at our shows, besides all of the Righteous Mothers' CD's we will be selling Clare's children's books (of which there are many) and jewelry made by our manager, Lynn. We love to support all of our creative endeavors.


Have you seen our video done of Old Fat Naked Women for Peace? Check it out on this site under Look/Listen or go to YouTube Rate it and write a comment. Also, consider sharing it with eveyone you know. We love hearing your feedback.

The Righteous Mothers had a great concert at the Triple Door on May 9 for Mother's Day where Lisa and Lynn's son and daughter also performed 2 songs with the group. A perfect Mothers' Day gift.

The group also performed with Cheryl Wheeler at the WA Center for the Performing Arts. Cheryl was hysterical and between Cheryl and the Rt. Moms, everyone laughed so hard that we heard from fans for weeks complaining of how much their cheeks hurt.


Some older news....



The Righteous Mothers had a great time at Haller Lake in North Seattle. Fantastic community center!

This summer he Righteous Mothers spent a week at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. The enjoyed jam after jam and learned from amazing musicians from around the world. Wendy, Clare and Lisa got a kick out of learning the ukelele so don't be surprised if you start hearng it on songs such as Lesbian Honeymoon! Marla took advanced training on the harmonica and they had fun learning how to make their voices sound "country" (more like Appalacian actually) from Alice Gerrard of Hazel and Alice fame. Brooklyn born Lisa found the country sound was not easy to imitate.

August was spent in Asheville, North Carolina to sing with the wonderful choir, Womansong. They have sung a few of The Righteous Mothers' songs for years and invited us back to do two concerts with them. We had great audiences. In fact, the first night our competition in the area was the Beach Boys, Capital Steps, and a free musical festival in downtown Asheville. Yet 400 showed up for that show and many hundred more the next night. Womansong is well known and well loved back there. And what fun they are. We were treated like royalty from beginning to end and felt like Womansong is who the Righteous Mothers would be if they were a choir. Check them out at

Part of the Righteous Mothers went to Bosnia this spring to join in the festivities of Clare's daughter's wedding. It was wonderful and the combination of music from the mix of cultures was amazing. We kind of like this "destination wedding" scene. Clare's daughter Sarah, married a Bosnian man so the wedding was there as it is much easier for Americans to visit Bosnia then it is for Bosnians to be given visas to come to the US.




  On Molly Ivins...            

Go to Listen/Look on our website and listen to, or download for free, the Righteous Mothers' new song about this amazing icon.  Molly was a brilliant and unabashedly funny nationally syndicated columnist.  She died a year ago on January 31, 2007 at the age of 62.  We miss her dearly.  This song is a tribute to her.  Such an amazing woman who greatly influenced the group.

"So keep fightin' for freedom and justice, beloveds, but don't you forget to have fun doin' it. Lord, let your laughter ring forth. Be outrageous, ridicule the fraidy-cats, rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce. And when you get through kickin' ass and celebratin' the sheer joy of a good fight, be sure to tell those who come after how much fun it was."

—Molly Ivins, "The Fun's in the Fight" column for Mother Jones, 1993.



Press accolades

“They’re a band of mothers, voices raised together in sometimes poignant, sometimes piercing social comment, in tender tributes and naughty humor…”

Susan Paynter, Seattle Post Intelligencer

“Weavers + B. Midler + The Roches = The Righteous Mothers”

The Seattle Weekly

“I can never decide what I like best about this group:  Their songwriting, their dynamite performance…their firm grasp of social issues, or their non-stop sense of humor.”

Mary Loveless, Victory Review

“The Mothers open hearts with their zany physical comedy. The harmonies throughout are taut with an easy feel and the ideology slips unencumbered into consciousness, buoyed as it is by hummable melodies, gentle tone and caressing vision.”

Laura Post, Sing Out!

“If you google ‘progressive feminist folk’ you will come up with only one band – The Righteous Mothers. Simply put, this progressive feminist folk band is a one of a kind musical experience that defies conventional folk music with biting humor and philosophical overtures.”

Tony Engelhart, Weekly Volcano

“We love the Righteous Mothers – for their name and their fabulous humor. The sassy women, who sing about social justice but never get strident, like to think of themselves as the ‘foremothers of the riot grrls’, and they write lyrics such as these: “Knock it off or we’ll take it off/We’re old, fat, naked women for peace.”

Molly Gilmore, The Olympian

“In music land pop reigns, sex sells, and the quality of some artists work is highly questionable. So it is refreshing to see a group that has something important to say and can open up a whole new genre of music to the audience. The Righteous Mothers present their music in such a way that a variety of people whether, gay, straight, fat, skinny, black, white and so on, can relate …Their explosive stage presence, quirky routines, unique dance moves, and remarkable insight clearly captivated the audience.”

Catherin O’Dea  The Spectator – Seattle University

“…Their tight harmonies, stage choreography, and sassy humor are enchanting.”

Gretchen Mottet, Victory Review

“Whatever Olympia is, it will never be as creative, discerning or righteously hilarious as the Righteous Mothers. The success of the Righteous Mothers means a great deal to this fan. It means it’s possible to stay in integrity with your musical art, get your art out there where it will mean something to those who hear it, build a devoted following, and live a full life in the process. I continue to notice that, when I celebrate the success of something as wonderful as the Righteous Mothers, I’m celebrating a great deal of what I myself believe in and strive to be…even though, God knows, I’ll never be a Mother. But I’ll sign up any day of the week to be a Brother…”

Bill Fischer, Southern Exposure Article, Victory Music Review

“INFECTIOUS!…Those in the know liken The Righteous Mothers to The Roche Sisters…Their concert was a warm spirited celebrations.”

Cora Fischer, The NW Passage

Presenters’ praise

“You were the totally hot act in Saturday’s benefit Concert! Your songs are smart and smarting – had us laughing and crying (sometimes both at once). And your stage presence and routines were hilariously perfect.  Brilliant performance all the way around. I’m a fan.”

Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund

The Righteous Mothers have established themselves as the hilarious, serious, theatrical, witty feminist band in the Northwest…The Righteous Mothers placed harsh social realities and diverse attitudes in a life-affirming context so that the audience could laugh, learn, and in some cases even get up and dance…It’s hard to document what they do best: their songwriting, their dynamic performance, their firm grasp of timely social issues, or their non-stop sense of humor.

Teresa Lynn Loe, Conf. Chair ICSEW,
(Governor’s Interagency Committee of State Employed Women)

“These are not social critics masquerading as musicians. They are a quartet of women who phrase their sentiments in marvelously inventive music that ranges from rock to jazz to gospel to blues to folk, all with tight and complex harmonies, backed with guitar, keyboards, bass and percussion.”

Bill Fischer, Musical Director/Producer

“The Righteous Mothers have something to say and say it well – with insight, humor and power. Harmony has never been better.”

Rod Kennedy, Founder and Producer, Kerrville Folk Festival

“Great sense of theater and humor that is too often missing from musical groups. Very entertaining!”

“Your originality is top notch! I loved your lyrics!”

“Good high energy. Nice, tight performance, won the crowd – and you looked like you loved what you were doing. Good choice of songs – so different from the other groups!”

Judges comments, The Northwest Harmony Sweepstakes

“The set was diverse in mood and yet light and always entertaining. I was so impressed by the blend of voices and close harmonies…you were a real hit.”

Alice C. Paine, Executive Director, King County Bar Association

“Big Legged Woman has become our most audience-requested song. It’s often our encore piece at performances. Please know that your music inspires us! Thanks for your gifts of song!”

 Althea Gonzalez, Womansong CD Coordinator

These consummate performers charmed the audience with their tight harmonies, sly observations, and dead-on humor.”

Lisa Lepine, Offsite Showcase, Folk Alliance Conference

Fanfare (what our fans have to say)

“I love the Righteous Mothers!!”

Christine Lavin

“The Righteous Mother are terrific!”

Peter Yarrow, Peter, Paul and Mary

“The ‘mother’ of all festival acts. Great harmonies!”

Trout Fishing in America

…”You are great musicians and the songs are outstanding. Not only are the lyrics witty and pointed (and very funny!) but the melodies are exactly appropriate. Then, layered on top of it all, are your playing and singing abilities. Just out of this world. I was amazed and delighted at the harmonies and the way you executed each piece. What a treat. Thank you for performing!”

Eric Chiappinelli, Associate Dean, Seattle University, School of Law

“I have to tell you that I can’t stop listening to your Greatest Hits CD. It is fabulous and so funny. It’s helping me get through the LA freeways. The lyrics are very clever and funny. Each time I listen I catch more of the nuances. You all are wonderful! I am so impressed.”

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Vice President; Dean,
Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, University of Judaism

“Singing with the Righteous Mothers always ensures a wonderful and heartfelt experience…”

Pastor Pat Wright, Total Experience Gospel Choir

“I don’t know of any group that can move me so quickly from gales of laughter to tears of sorrow--and joy. I weep when I listen to their CD’s, for God’s sake. And laugh out loud. Their music quickens in the moment and after many, many listenings.”

A devoted fan,  Carolyn Prouty

“I was raised by your music. You taught me how to sing and how to think with your music. I continue to grow with your songs as we all age, gracefully!”

Hannah Kelly-Glasoe (a young lifetime fan!)

“The Righteous Mothers incorporate humor, great melodies and incredible voices that seem to get better over the years! Their songs are sassy and always hit home!’

Carla Milter

“Such a creative group of ladies – wonderfully clever, musical, and funny too.”

A Fan from Traditions Cafe

“Powerful lyrics – moving you from laughter to tears in a single song.”

Another Traditions Café Fan

“The Righteous Mothers Rock!”

Teresa. Olympia, WA

“The Righteous Mothers deliver great music, great messages, and FUN! I am both entertained and moved each time I hear them.”

Tina, Olympia, WA

“Hello RMs-- We attended your performance this past Sat at Traditions Cafe. We were the group at a table in the back with 4 adults and a 3 year old little girl. This was her first performance outing, and, although she is still learning appropriate behavior, no one seemed to mind. She has been singing about naked Hoosiers a lot and the day care staff is not sure why. Another fan of the group is Gilmore, my husband’s yellow lab guide dog. We did not bring him to the performance on Sat, however, because we did not want him to sing along, too.

Your group will always hold a special place for my husband and I. Our first "date" (we were friends for many years) was a RM event at Evergreen College. Here’s to another great 25 years for you. Sign me up as another OFNW (Old Fat Naked Woman) for Peace.”

Mary McKnew