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An evening with the Righteous Mothers Like No Others

“As you might imagine, there is nothing quite like a Righteous Mothers’ performance.  For one thing, the crowd tends to buzz with eager anticipation before the music begins, old friends, a feeling of community in the room.

...And the magic begins.  The Mothers are fearless in their displays of wit, theater-of-the-absurd drama and outrageous choreography. Their songs surrounded by warm sentiments and mind-bending tales. 

At the end, when everyone is on her and his feet and the Mothers sing their last song and bow, arm in arm, it’s clear that more has happened than a mere evening of entertainment.  It’s been a celebration of the human spirit, warts (and courage) and all.  And everyone leaves deeply nurtured by the wild and sublime visions and music of The Righteous Mothers.

Indeed, they are like no others.”

                – Bill Fischer, Music Events Producer 


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