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The Righteous Mothers use humor and their original tunes on contemporary topics such as: Supreme Court decisions, Palm Pilots, ice cream, domestic violence, and relationships, to reach people young and old, gay and straight, rich and poor. Their performances routinely elicit tears and laughter and effect audience members so personally that it is not unusual to hear comments such as “this is the best therapy I’ve had in years” and “I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.”

The Righteous Mothers arrange mind-blowing, intricate close harmonies backed by strong, lively and varied instrumentation, sprinkled with fun, off-the-wall choreography. An evening with The Righteous Mothers seamlessly weaves through the various genres, including folk, jazz, gospel, country, and good ol’ rock n’ roll.


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The original witty and wild Righteous Mothers have been performing together for the past 26 years. When not performing, they have day jobs they love that all in some way or other include teaching.  Lisa Brodoff is a clinical law professor at Seattle University and also a Tribal Court Judge. Wendy Crocker is a high school biology teacher as well as a relatively recent Mom to a late-in-life child who keeps her young and active. Marla Beth Elliott is an adjunct professor at Evergreen and the legal service’s state-wide pro-bono coordinator. Clare Meeker is a children’s book author with 7 published books, 3 more on the way and is an artist in residence at many elementary and middle schools.

The Righteous Mothers collectively have 7 Righteous Babies and over the years have  given birth to 6 recordings. Their recordings, information on the group and a mailing list are all available at the table in the lobby.